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Kraken Kratom Review : A Deep Dive Review Of The Rising Star

Everybody within the kratom community is beginning to know the Kraken Kratom name. The popularity of Kratom is undeniable, and this store is helping the product get more popular. This is probably the reason many are looking for Kraken Kratom discount codes. Still, people should learn as much as they can about a company, and that’s what you’re going to learn here.

Kraken Kratom Review

Kraken Kratom is popular because of its inventory. The company understood that kratom users want variety. A lot of companies only focus on the popular strains, like Bali Bali, but that’s not what we found here. This company is doing its best to provide a lot of options.

The company is in Portland, Oregon. It’s committed to advocacy on behalf of kratom uses. Everyone knows that the U.S. is fighting kratom, but with companies like this one, you’ve got someone in your corner. The company is also known for providing high-quality products by only working with growers that meet their high standards along with other steps the company takes.

On top of that, the company also offers a rewards program. For every 100 points earned, you get a dollar to spend on their site. Earning these rewards is easy. You could get a few of them by simply subscribing to their newsletter. Subscribing to the newsletter is a good way to get a Kraken Kratom coupon, so it’s a win win.

Exploring The Products Offered

The following are the products offered:

  • Bali Powder
  • Maeng Da Thai Powder (red)
  • Maeng Da Thai Powder (white)
  • Borneo Powder (yellow)
  • Thai Powder (yellow)
  • Maeng Da Thai Powder (yellow)
  • Maeng Da Thai Kratom Leaf (white)
  • Kali Powder (red)
  • Bali Kratom Leaf
  • Red Dragon Kratom
  • Maeng Da Thai Kratom Leaf (red)
  • Borneo Powder (red)
  • Super Green Malaysian Powder
  • Super Green Malaysian Kratom Leaf
  • Super Indo Powder
  • Thai Powder (red)
  • Sumatra Powder (red)
  • Sumatra Powder (white)
  • Borneo Powder (white)

Good List of Pros and Cons

The next thing we’ve got to talk about is the pros and cons. No matter how impressed we are with the number of kratom strains here, we need to be honest. The following are some pros and cons that we think you should know about:


  • The company complies with GMP standards.
  • The company offers free same-day shipping.
  • There’s no minimum required to get your free shipping.
  • A portion of each purchase is donated to a worthy cause.


  • The company doesn’t tell you what worthy cause it’s donating to.
  • Shipping doesn’t always go smoothly.
  • Some of the strands aren’t as effective as they should be.
  • Products can be on the expensive side.

The Lab Testing Benefit

Being GMP compliant means that the company is recognized by the American Kratom Association. It also means the products are certified and optimized. This happens because the products are lab tested.

Each product goes through a rigorous process to ensure quality. This is one reason people trust the brand. The company uses a third-party lab to conduct these tests. This helps you trust their findings.

In addition to testing quality, the company also screens for pathogens. This is wonderful because of the pandemic. The company has stringent sanitation protocols in place. They do all this to make sure you can trust their products and feel safe.

Wholesale Products

This company offers wholesale options. We thought it was important to mention this. Folks who are trying to buy in bulk because it’s cheaper should be happy.

They offer everything they’ve got in bulk, such as powders, extracts, capsules, and liquids. You still get the free, same-day shipping you’ve come to expect from this company even with these larger orders.

Now, you are going to have to follow the wholesale buyer instructions. You’ll have to go to their site and fill out their application to become a verified wholesale buyer. You can’t buy their wholesale products without taking this step.

Additional Products

Kraken offers other products on their site besides what you came for. They offer empty capsules if you need them and some digital scales. They know that kratom users love to do things on their own.

Some users love weighing powder and filling capsules. You’ll find tea accessories on the site, like tea ball infusers or muslin herb bags, measuring spoons, and Bamboo tea strainers. There’s even literature here to help guide your kratom usage.

The Prices

No one loves to hear about high prices. We know it’s the reason people look for a Kraken Kratom promo code wherever they can find one.

  • The prices vary at Kraken Kratom shop online. It depends on what you’re shopping for. Some of the products here can start at $8.15, which is 28 grams of a particular kratom powder. Other powders can be as much as $12.50 for the same amount of grams.
  • These are high prices, which is probably why you should sign up for their newsletter to get a Kraken Kratom coupon. The good thing is that you know you’re getting quality.

You can pay for your stuff like you would normally, but the company also accepts Bitcoin. If you use Bitcoin, you get 10% off. You can pay with your bank using the Quick Ship ACH. You can use your card or an eCheck.

Shipping And Returns

  • The site offers free first-class shipping on all orders, which is through USPS. This option can take two to 10 days.
  • The company also offers other options, like the USPS Flat Rate shipping, but this is going to cost you $4.99. Cash on Delivery is possible but only when you order a lot of stuff. The site allows you to check on the delivery status.

To return an item, customers have to contact the company. They have to do this within 30 days of receiving the shipment. The company will not pay for shipping costs on any type of return unless it’s a question of quality. Returned items must be unopened and untampered with to get your money back. The company can refuse the return if it suspects tampering. Of course, you can get store credit if you want to exchange the product.

Customers don’t love their complicated return policies, nor do they love the prices. What they do love is those reward points and that the company’s products go through a rigorous quality inspection. Now, you know more about this brand. Hopefully, this is enough to help you figure out if the company is right for you or not.

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